Call for Cases for ACVS INDIA 2017 Ė a breath of fresh air

Dear Friends,

As you might know ACVS INDIA 2017 is to be held from 17th - 20th August 2017 at Hyderabad International Convention Center ( H I C C ) , Hyderabad . It promises to be a completely different meeting focused towards you but employing the latest cutting-edge albeit practical technology. Interventional case presentation is a standard feature of all meetings but this year in ACVS INDIA we plan to show-case exceptional cases which will not only be unique and educational by themselves but they will be integrated in the program and be show-cased in the main arena. But that is not all you can send your cases by a variety of modern and convenient modalities.

Of course there will be usual postal mode where you can send your case in power-point format (with all the videos incorporated) in a CD or DVD to the address given below. The last slide should highlight the learning points or take-home messages. The maximum number of slides is restricted to 10 including the title slide which should have the affiliations of the presenter and a conflict of interest statement. The CD should be accompanied by a cover letter. Donít forget to put your email and phone number in cover letter as well as CD case.

But interesting still for the first time, anywhere in the world (to best of our knowledge) there is now a possibility to submit through WhatsApp. Of-course Whatsapp is the most furiously growing social media platform and now it connects over a billion people worldwide. We are trying to use its practical connectivity to make case submission a little more user friendly for you. Just add
+91-9205973808 to your WhatsApp contact. Upload and send 5 clips of your best case to us along with following details:

∑ Title of the case
∑ Your Name
∑ Email Id
∑ Contact No.
∑ Category No.
∑ Case Description
∑ Clips (total 5 in number)

Whatsapp us on +91-9205973808 for any help.

The cases can be submitted under following category:

Category Primary PCI - Living on a Prayer

1a    Primary Left main PCI
1b    Use of imaging in primary PCI
1c    Large thrombus load - use of thrombectomy device
1d    Use of embolic protection stent
1e    Stent now - PCI Later
1f     Post MI VSD
1g    Other Issues

Endo-vascular - Riders on the Storm

2a    SFA angioplasty
2b    Peripheral AAA
2c    Multiple pseudo-aneurysm, device closure
2d    BTK Interventions
2e    Peripheral aortic bifurcation reconstruction
2f    Carotid PCI
2g   Renal PCI
2h   Other Issues

Left Main - Living on the Edge

3a    Left main Bifurcation stenting
3b    Rota Left Main
3c    Left main thrombus
3d    IVUS / FFR for Left Main
3e    Left Main Dissection
3f    Other Issues

Valves and Structural Heart Disease - A New Toy

4a    TAVR - Regurgitation
4b    TAVR - Rhythm disturbance
4c    Multi-valve balloon dilatations
4d    Failure to deflate balloon (PTMC)
4e    TAVR - Other Issues
4f    Other issues in valves

CTO - Roadhouse Blues

5a    LM and CTO
5b    Ante-grade Approach
5c    Retro-grade Approach
5d    Use of micro-catheter
5e    Use of Imaging
5f     Complications
5g    Other Issues

Congenital Structural Interventions

6a    Complex devices
6b    Simultaneous device and dilatation
6c    Device for fistula
6d    Post AVR, device closure for AR
6e    Complications
6f     Other Issues

Complications - Mea Culpa

7a    Embolizations and retrievals
7b    Perforations
7c    Technical difficulties during procedure
7d    Issues with stents
7e    Issues with guide-catheters
7f    Other Issues

Complex Interventions - Charmed Life

8a    SVG interventions
8b    Highly calcific lesion
8c    Highly tortuous lesion
8d    LIMA Interventions
8e    PCI on patient on CPR
8f    Other Issues


9a    DK Crush
9b    Complicated bifurcation
9c    Dedicated Bifurcation Stent
9d    Complication following bifurcation
9e    Other Issues

Please make sure that you enter your case in the right category and provide all the requisite information. The cases should reach us by 30 July 2017.

In case you want to send by post send it at the following address:

Dr. Sundeep Mishra
425 Mount Kailash Tower No 2, East of Kailash, New Delhi, India 110065
Mob: 9871421390
Dr. N. N. Khanna
L-117, Sarita Vihar, New Delhi -110076
Mob: 8587030746

As usual we will have an award session on the last day and the winner will become automatic presenter in the ACVS INDIA 2017 Meeting to be held in Hyderabad International Convention Center ( H I C C ) , Hyderabad . Visit us @

Hope you appreciate our efforts to be in tune with technology and make use of the latest.

Thanks and Regards

Dr. Sundeep Mishra & Dr. NN Khanna
Organizing Directors, ACVS INDIA 2017

Course Directors:
Martin B. Leon, A. Sreenivas Kumar, Susheel K. Kodali
Gregg W Stone, C. N. Manjunath, Ajay J. Kirtane